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Cylinder Head Reconditioning

Cylinder Head Reconditioning

The cylinder head is one of the most important parts of an engine that is being rebuilt or upgraded. Our cylinder head reconditioning team has several decades of experience in the precision machining and repair of cylinder heads with expertise in all aspects of the process including welding and aqua-sealing, skimming, valve guide replacement, valve and valve seat re-facing, thread repair, re-shimming and unleaded conversions

Camshafts, carburettors, and exhaust systems can easily improve an engine’s air and fuel flow. Although changing or improving these parts will enhance performance, the cylinder head is what regulates how much air can enter and exit the engine.

A properly functioning cylinder head also lessens the chance of fuel waste or damage from partially burned fuel and air mixtures.

So regardless of what you bolt on to improve speed and power, you must ensure the cylinder head is capable of handling the job. The other components will only operate at their best if you do.

Should you replace the cylinder head or refurbish it?

The following three factors should be taken into account before purchasing a new cylinder head:

Availability – A new cylinder head for some antique automobiles’ older model engines cannot be obtained because they are no longer manufactured. Even modern (20–30 year old) engines. You can typically find a donor head for reconditioning if your cylinder head cannot be repaired.

Cost savings – Reconditioning a cylinder head is much less expensive than purchasing a new one. Only a few parts may be harmed in most cylinder heads, and most can be fixed.

Performance – as previously noted, improving your cylinder head’s airflow, fuel burn, compression, and strength is the best way to boost power and performance. You must match these to your camshaft, carburettors, and exhaust system to get the most out of your engine.

What is Cylinder Head Reconditioning?

With cylinder head reconditioning, you may give your old head a new lease on life and restore it to better-than-original condition. It includes repairing any warps, welding any cracks, and reseating, repairing, or replacing damaged valve train parts.

Overheating may require cylinder heads to be reconditioned because they can be blown or cracked. In other cases, replaceable cylinder head elements like valve seals and guides become worn out over time.

The following procedures may be used to recondition a cylinder head: milling the head flat to enable a proper seal and produce the desired compression ratio; checking and replacing the valves, springs, seals, retainers, and locks; reseating the valves; removing and replacing the valve guides; reaming the guides to the right size; removing the soft plugs and inspecting coolant tubes, and inspecting the ports to ensure a good valve to seat seal.

The Cylinder Head Reconditioning Process

Disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, and replacing various parts are the main steps in reconditioning. Warps and flaws in the head and/or valve train are also machined out.

Cleaning – entails removing any carbon sludge buildup from the cylinder head’s exterior and interior, scraping away any remaining gasket, and flushing the oil and coolant passageways. The head is typically chemically washed and may also be bead-blasted.

Inspect the cylinder head – The cylinder head can be examined once it has been cleaned. We examine valve guides, rocker arms, studs, and other parts for excessive wear and look for cracks, pits, and worn parts. We will know what components need to be replaced and the associated costs once the cylinder head has been examined.

Machining and resurfacing If your cylinder head is cracked, it needs to be weld repaired. The head’s flatness is restored, deposits and pits are removed, joints are welded, and the surface finish is improved. Cylinder height can be decreased by milling the head, increasing the compression ratio. Valve seats will need to be examined.

Replacement of cylinder head parts and assembly – The cylinder head is reassembled after being machined and tested to make sure all new and refurbished parts are put in according to the right standards.

Our area of expertise is reconditioning cylinder heads.

We are specialists in cylinder heads, the most frequent component we encounter in our shop. We take great delight in providing top-notch work, and after more than 54 years in the industry, we modestly think of ourselves as one of Australia’s top workshops.

Here are a few examples of the services  our team can complete for you:

  1. Machining
  2. Valve grinding
  3. Cylinder head porting
  4. Cylinder head overhauls


machining is also called Milling, What does it mean to mill a cylinder head?
Milling involves removing material from the cylinder head (or block deck surface where the heads and block meet) to effectively reduce the volume of the combustion chambers. 

Multiple engine parts can and do require machining.


Valve Grinding

Valve grinding can be important for ensuring that valves and seals work well. It is the process of making the engine valves smoother to seal the valve seat in the cylinder head and close off the combustion chamber.

Cylinder Head Porting

Cylinder head porting refers to modifying an internal combustion engine’s intake and exhaust ports to improve its airflow.

Cylinder Head Overhauls

Wev provide the cylinder head a new face (and a new lease of life). Refurbished cylinder heads will go for a few more years, saving you the costs to buy a new piece. Problems that can be repaired this way include cracks and warps. Also worn components such as valve seals, valve guides, and other replaceable cylinder head parts.

Cylinder head refurbishment essentially involves disassembling, cleaning, and changing various components. Some parts may need to be resurfaced when reconditioning a cylinder head. The components include valve angles, valve seats, and generally warped spots.

Apart from optimizing the operation of the engine, cylinder head repair helps prevent wastage of fuel or damage by partially burnt air/fuel mixture. The following section show the steps to recondition a typical cylinder head.

Why Use Us?

Why Use Us?

  1. Accurate and Honest Estimates Providing an estimate for an engine rebuild is difficult, but our process takes out the guesswork
  2. Backed by our warranty Our warranty backs all our work so you can be assured your engine will run as expected
  3. Family-owned local business We treat our clients like family as we are a family that expects the best from our team

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