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If you’re experiencing low compression or excessive oil consumption in your engine, it may be time to consider having it bored. Engine boring is the process of enlarging the cylinder bores in an engine block to accommodate larger pistons. This can help to restore lost power and improve engine performance.
There are several reasons why you might choose to have your engine bored, including:

Improved Compression

Over time, the cylinders in your engine can wear down, which can reduce compression and power. Boring the engine and installing larger pistons can help to restore compression and power.

Better fuel efficiency

By increasing displacement and improving compression, you can also improve fuel efficiency, as the engine is able to burn fuel more efficiently.

Enhanced engine life

If your engine has significant wear, boring it can help to extend its life by removing the damaged portion of the cylinder walls and creating a fresh, new surface for the pistons to ride on.
It’s important to note that boring an engine is not always necessary or cost-effective. Before deciding to have your engine bored, it’s important to have it evaluated by a qualified mechanic to determine whether this is the best course of action for your specific engine and driving needs.

Why Use Us?

Why Use Us?

  1. Accurate and Honest Estimates Providing an estimate for an engine rebuild is difficult, but our process takes out the guesswork
  2. Backed by our warranty Our warranty backs all our work so you can be assured your engine will run as expected
  3. Family-owned local business We treat our clients like family as we are a family that expects the best from our team

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