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Signs You Need an Engine Rebuild?​​


Banging sound – If the bearings are not properly oiled, they will start to wear out and make a loud knocking sound.


White exhaust – If your piston rings are worn, oil burns with the gas, making your exhaust white. If oil burns, the engine isn’t working right, and it’s time to rebuild it.


Metal flakes can be found in engine oil – When you change your oil, check the oil for metal flakes because they cause the metal to rub against the metal inside the engine. Because of this, the oil doesn’t flow through the engine, so the engine needs to be rebuilt.

Should You Rebuild or Buy a New Engine?​​

Should You Rebuild or Buy a New Engine?​​

You can decide whether or not to rebuild the engine based on the age and state of the vehicle. There are several things you need to think about before deciding to rebuild your engine:

  1. Choose whether you want an engine rebuild or a new car.
  2. Before fixing the engine, you might want to get a full vehicle inspection.
  3. Finally, consider the total cost estimated for engine repairs and maintenance.

Considering these things, Gold Coast Engine Reconditioning is the best choice if you are looking for an engine rebuilder on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Engine Reconditioning has been rebuilding engines since 1962 on the coast. As a result, we have the most experience on the coast.

Engine Rebuilding Services

Engine Rebuilding Services

We have a great reputation because we have the best experts, the most advanced equipment, and the best customer service.

Gold Coast Engine Reconditioning has a highly qualified, experienced, and certified staff, as well as industry-leading tools and equipment. This means that Gold Coast Engine Reconditioning can help you with all of your engine rebuilding needs with expert advice and solutions, including:

  1. Cylinder head Reconditioning
  2. Short Engine Reconditioning
  3. Long Engine Reconditioning
  4. Replacement pistons
  5. Bore and honing cylinders
  6. Crankshaft Linishing
  7. Remove and install engines
  8. Tune engines
  9. Machining and engine
  10. Cylinder head overhauls or rebuilds for Marine, trucks, cars and bikes


1 Cylinder head Reconditioning

2 Short Engine Reconditioning

3 Long Engine Reconditioning

4 Replacement pistons

5 Bore and honing cylinders

6 Crankshaft Linishing

7 Remove and install engines

8 Tune engines

9 Machining and engine

10 Cylinder head overhauls or rebuilds for Marine, trucks, cars and bikes

1 Cylinder head Reconditioning

The reconditioning process essentially involves disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, and replacing various components, along with machining out any warps and imperfections on the head and/or valve train pf the cylinder head.

2 Short Engine Reconditioning

A short block engine is the bottom end of a vehicle’s engine. It includes the cylinder block and a few other critical parts of the engine, such as the crankshaft, cam pistons, and connecting rods. These pieces are also known as the rotating assembly. Because there are usually slight variations in engine builder companies’ packages, some short blocks may come with camshafts and timing belts. All short block engines require additional parts such as gaskets, cylinder heads, and oil pumps which have to be purchased separately.

3 Long Engine Reconditioning

A long block engine is, in a sense, a complete version of a short block. In addition to the assembled block, it features a camshaft, lifters, valve-train, and cylinder head. A long block may also come with an oil pan, water pump, and valve covers. Long blocks are usually used when diagnostics indicate that a vehicle needs an engine overhaul.

Despite having more components than a short block, a long block engine is not a complete engine package. A long block does not include, among other parts, the fuel system, intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, or electrical components. If you need to replace these components or every other part of the engine assembly, consider ordering a “turn-key” engine.

Some people confuse short block and long block engines with small block and big block engines or refer to them interchangeably. There are significant differences between these terms, starting with the classification of small block or big block engines is a description of engine size. Short block or long block refers to the number of assembly parts included.

4 Bore and honing cylinders

Honing is a stock removal process that is used to improve the shape and size of a bore by removing a thin layer of metal while making a finished pattern that keeps lubricant in the right place. The honing process makes cylindrical bores that are straight, round, the right size, and have smooth surfaces.

Crankshaft Finishing

Crankshaft finishing involves removing a small amount of finished material from the rod and main journals to get the part back to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. The complete 25-step process of remanufacturing a crankshaft is a lot of work, but it is necessary for a complete engine rebuild.

Remove and install engines

Our team has much experience in removing and installing engines. We are specialists and work with many mechanics around the Gold Coast. We do it every day so we are very experienced at this task.

Tune engines

We perform dyno tuning and fuel mapping, which is also listed on Kings Diesel website

Cylinder heads

A rebuilt cylinder head is one in which only the broken or out-of-spec parts, like valves, springs, guides, or injector sleeves, are replaced by a mechanic. If there are cracks in the cylinder head, they will need to be fixed during the rebuilding process. Then they put everything back together and test it.

Machining an engine

Deck resurfacing, cylinder over boring, and cylinder honing are common ways to machine an engine block. This also includes trying to accurize a block for high-performance and racing applications

Cylinder head overhauls or rebuilds for Marine, trucks, cars and bikes – (Number one)

Gold Coast Engine Reconditioning offers a full range of overhaul services, including:

  • The taking apart and putting back together of sub-assembly parts
  • Expert evaluation and qualification of each material based on specifications from the manufacturer
  • Material flaws can be found in a head casting without destroying it
  • Using advanced four-stage processing to clean and remove carbon
  • High-precision machine tools are used to replace the seals on the valve spindle and valve seat.
  • 100% of consumables and spare parts replaced as needed
  • Expert assembly that follows the manufacturer’s instructions and specs
  • The finished assembly is put through a hydrostatic test to make sure it doesn’t leak
  • Each assembly’s serial number gets a full-service report

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