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Engine Reconditioning

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The Gold Coast company with the most experience in repairing and reconditioning engines and cylinder heads

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Cylinder Heads Specialists

Complete Engine Rebuilds

  1. Cylinder head reconditioning 
  2. Cylinder head overhauls or rebuilds for Marine, trucks, cars and bikes
  3. Short engine reconditioning 
  4. Long engine reconditioning
  5. Bore and honing cylinders
  6. Crankshaft linishing and grinding
  7. Remove and install engines
  8. Dyno tuning engines
  9. Machining engine components

Cylinder Head Reconditioning - Formerly Gilberts Cylinder Heads

  1. Machining
  2. Valve grinding
  3. Cylinder head porting
  4. Cylinder head overhauls
Engine Reconditioning
Engine Reconditioning
Engine Reconditioning
Engine Reconditioning
Engine Reconditioning
Engine Reconditioning
Engine Reconditioning

Dear Car Owner,

When your engine blows, we know how stressful it can be.

We deal with car owners daily who find themselves with a car that doesn’t work.

The engine is the most expensive part of your car, and you can’t sell it without its engine.

So when your engine goes, what do you do?

  1. You can either sell your car for scrap for $200
  2. You can rebuild your engine

With the car shortage in Australia, secondhand car prices have skyrocketed, and with new cars taking 12 months to deliver, rebuilding your engine makes more sense and can be cheaper.

We know you must make a big decision that will cost you money.

You need a trusted advisor to help you make the right decision.

Not for them, but for you.

That is what we are most proud of at Gold Coast Engine Reconditioning.

We will help you make the best decision for your family or business.

Call us now, and we will help.

Mechanics Choose Gold Coast Engine Reconditioning

When mechanics need their engines rebuilt, they choose Gold Coast Engine Reconditioning. We love delivering the highest service that even the most experienced mechanics on the coast approve of.

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